Maximize app advertising revenue

With the largest source of global advertiser demand, flexible ad controls, and an industry-leading mediation service, AdMob is the best platform to make money from apps and maximize your app revenue through app advertising.

  • Overview

    • In-App Interstitial: App Install Ad

    • In-App Interstitial: App Install Ad

    • In-App Interstitial: Full-Page Ad

    • In-App Interstitial: Magazine-Style Text Ad

    • In-App Video: TrueView Ad

    • In-App Banner: App Install Ad

    • In-App Banner: Text Ad

    Choose the right ad format

    Drive mobile app advertising revenue by integrating banner, interstitial, or video ads seamlessly into your app. Our variety of formats means you have lots of choices to provide the best user experience.

    • Banner ads appear at the top or bottom of your app screen and can prompt users to install apps, visit websites, get directions, view products or call a phone number. Our in-app engagement ads expand to full screen when the banner is tapped. Our smart banners automatically resize to fit different screen sizes as the user rotates their device.

    • AdMob interstitials are full-page ads that appear in your app at natural breaks or transition points. A common use case is after a level is completed in a game. Our advertisers use interstitials to create engaging brand experiences, or direct action, such as driving app downloads.

    • AdMob’s video ads bring rich brand experiences to your app, and the flexible nature of the format allows users to skip the video after 5 seconds.

    Filter out ads you don’t want

    Maintain full control over the types of ads you show using category and ad specific filters, and decide when and where ads are displayed in your app. For example, you can block ads from general categories such as Apparel, Internet, Real Estate, and Vehicles. Or you can use the Ad review center to review individual ads before and after they are shown in your app.

    Access all advertisers using Google’s buying platforms

    When you monetize with AdMob you get instant access to all of Google’s demand sources. This includes a million Google advertisers as well as real-time bidding (RTB) buyers via the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

    Earn higher CPMs

    When advertisers compete, you win. As more advertisers compete to show their ads in your app, they pay higher CPMs in order to win out over their competition. This means you earn more revenue. Thanks to Google’s robust advertiser demand, AdMob CPMs have increased by 200% since the start of 2013.

    Top global fill rates

    With increased demand from advertisers, you get industry-leading fill rates worldwide. This means that we’re better able to serve ads whenever and wherever your users are engaging with your app.

    The fill rates are near enough to 100% the majority of times and return for the ads we serve are the highest of the ad mediums we have tried.
    Frank Templeton

    Frank Templeton
    CEO, Free the Apps

  • Native Ads

    • App Install Native Ads

    • Content Native Ads

    Build a good user experience with native ads

    AdMob native ads express is a quick and simple way to set up and monetize native ads effectively. Choose from different ad templates to get you started, then customize them to fit closely within your app’s UI. Once you're done designing, just drop a few lines of code in your app to request your new native ads, and you're ready to go. Best of all, if you want to change the look and feel of your ads down the line, you can easily do so from the AdMob interface without needing to re-publish your app.

    AdMob native ads advanced allows you to create and implement highly custom ads that fit your app. We send you the ad components directly, and you render them in your app code. This feature is currently available as a limited beta to participating publishers.

    Native Ads Best Practices

    Customize your ads

    Use the various custom templates within the native ad express dashboard so that each ad delivers the best user experience.

    Keep your communication clear

    Clean, beautiful ads with a single call to action will help make your message clear to users, and can help reach higher engagement rates.

    Maintain a consistent user experience

    It’s important that your ad reflects the user experience. For example, if an app presents new content by swiping left, showing a native ad after swiping left will be intuitive and expected.

    Test, learn, and optimize

    With Native Ads, it’s crucial to keep iterating and A/B testing different versions of your ads until you get the desired results and CTRs. For example, test different calls-to-action to see what resonates best with your users.

    Want to learn more tips and best practices?

    Download Admob’s No-Nonsense Guide to Native Ads.

  • Mediation

    Earn more with AdMob Mediation

    When monetizing your app, you have the option to show ads from multiple ad networks to help maximize fill rates and increase earnings. AdMob Mediation provides a single place where you can manage many different networks easily. AdMob also supports SDK-less mediation, making it easier for you to add new ad networks without having to integrate additional SDKs or adapters. You can mediate lots of different types of ads, including rewarded, video, interstitials and banners.

    Show the highest-paying ads

    When you activate ad network optimization, AdMob will dynamically check which ad network is paying the most and request an ad from that ad network to be served in your app. It does this by comparing the historical performance of your ad network CPMs with real time AdMob, AdWords and DoubleClick Ad Exchange bids. Ad network optimization supports AdColony, AMoAd, Domob, Flurry, InMobi, JumpTap, MdotM, Millennial, MobFox,, with more ad networks added all the time.

    Go SDK-less, save time

    When you use SDK-less mediation, you can add new networks server-side without having to update your app. This is great if you’re concerned with SDK size or simply do not want to deal with the hassle of adding and updating new ad network SDKs. With SDK-less mediation, you can conveniently add new ad networks to your mediation stack.

    Keep users with rewarded video ads

    When you use AdMob’s rewarded mediation, you can easily monetize your apps with rewarded video ads from a number of ad networks. We’ve made it really easy for you to experiment with rewarded ads. We store things like reward and waterfall settings server-side so you can experiment with new configurations without having to change your code. Additionally, you can use existing third-party settings or input your own values when setting your reward unit and amount.


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